Why 9.9?

Is there such a thing as a perfect performance?  Even those who aspire to and reach peak levels of performance usually think there are still aspects they could improve.  Should we try to be perfect or try to fulfil our potential?

Wanting to be the best you can be is the aspiration that sits behind our name.

Not everyone can be a world-class performer but at 9.9, we passionately believe that most people, given the right environment to learn and develop, are capable of achieving far more than they currently do. It is not about where you are starting from but where you want to be.

We work with people, teams and organisations that are focused on:

  • striving for excellence
  • realising potential
  • learning and development
  • challenging mindsets
  • getting the best results possible
  • working towards sustainable change
Our aim is to work with visionary people who see learning and development as crucial to personal growth and sustainable business success.