Executive Coaching

We see a coach as a partner in your personal growth.  Our approach is based on four key beliefs:

  • The client has the answers they need or can find them with help
  • A holistic view needs to be taken incorporating all aspects of the client’s life
  • The client’s agenda is paramount
  • The relationship between coach and client is of two equals

Nothing is wrong or broken.  There is no need to fix anything.  It is a developmental process focused on personal growth.  The product of the work undertaken is learning and action and these two things combine to bring about change.

We share Tim Gallwey’s (Inner Game) belief that most people have everything they need to perform but are interfering with their own potential in some way. 

Performance = Potential - Interference

This is usually to do with the conscious or unconscious beliefs they hold about themselves and the environment in which they are operating.