Executive Coaching

Another major source of interference is our ‘inner dialogue’ or the way we talk to ourselves. Helping people to understand the way they are limiting themselves is a key part of our approach.

Whatever it is we are trying to do in the 'outer game' there is always an 'inner game' being played in our heads.  Most people focus on the former but the latter is where the interference lies.  By understanding how 'we get in our own way' and becoming more adept at minimising the critical voice in our head; we give ourselves a better chance of performing at our best.

We support the view that we are not one person but two. The person we are and the person we could be.

We try to model authenticity as coaches and encourage our clients to do the same.  Exploring how you can bring more of your real self into your life can be extremely rewarding and empowering.

Our preference is to work face to face for two to three hours away from the client’s workplace but recognise that sometimes it is more economical to use the telephone for a one hour coaching conversation.   However we still believe that the initial session should be face to face.

Whilst we see coaching as an intervention rather than a long term relationship we would normally expect to contract initially for six sessions.