Team Development

Many top teams struggle to work effectively together.  At the heart of this issue is the way they communicate which is in turn often directly related to the type of relationship that the team members have with each other.

Often their meetings are agenda driven and they are unable to engage in proper dialogue.  Ego, authority, time pressure and self interest help create an unhealthy climate which forces the real business to be conducted outside of their meetings resulting in more resentment and further mistrust.  We work with teams to help them see there is an alternative way of working based on developing greater awareness, openness and honesty.

We always insist on interviewing team members individually, prior to working with the team and this informs the approach we take as well as heightening their commitment to addressing the issues highlighted.  We rarely work with a team once as experience shows that it takes a number of interventions for a team to develop a climate where there is mutual trust, respect and accountability.

Recently we have adopted a new process based on Otto Scharmer’s Theory U to help teams address some of the increasingly difficult challenges they face.